Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sharp dressed men

A good hockey team can only travel as far as their tailor will take them. Team Canada who are currently holding their initiation camp in Kelowna, BC tested out their new duds for the upcoming Turin Olympics. And if the initial reviews are anything to note, then either a crash diet or a little letting out is in order.

It seems some of the huskier Canadians were finding their jersey's a little snug, with a couple of players having rather serious difficulties pulling the new style jersey over their pads and upper body. The smaller framed players had no troubles suiting up, but all had switched to the old style jersey one third of the way through the practice. There were apparently several guffaws and snickers as the big boys struggled to dress.

Nike the manufacturer of the Team Canada look for Turin, advised that this was purely an initiation fitting anyways and adjustments would be made for the larger lads before they head for Italy in 2006. One guy they may want to keep away from the media while they work out the bugs in the unis is Marty Turco, who claims the new uniforms make the players look like video game players. Guess we know what Marty did with his lock out downtime!

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