Wednesday, August 10, 2005

General Housekeeping in Ottawa

They managed to stay far away from the frenzy of free agent signings last week, a situation that mad more than a few Sens fans grumbling about inaction. But in Ottawa it's more about keeping what they already have. The Sens are more than happy with their current roster of players, a roster that will be surprisingly similar to that which was on paper when the lock out began.

The young and talented Senators will hardly need a freshman mixer to get to know each other as for the most part, all of the Sens returning to the NHL wars were employed by Ottawa 17 months ago.

To the end of tying up the loose ends, the Sens signed a couple of players with Martin Havlat and Mike Fisher inking deals to keep them in the Sens fold for one and three years respectively. While those loose ends were tied, another seems to be unraveling Marion Hossa says that he and the Sens are miles apart and he's prepared to go to war, which of course is a foolish thing to say considering how the last "war" turned out for the players side. Regardless of Hossa's vitriol he may wish to reconsider his options before uttering the silly statements of war.

While the old familiar faces prepare to return, there is of course two major new additions of note for Sens fans. New head coach Bryan Murray will return to the NHL coaching ranks when training camp opens, Murray leaving the executive bosses to get back behind a bench in Ottawa. And of course then there is Dominik Hasek, who will make his debut in a Sens uniform in September as the recently un retired one strives to prove he still can be the Dominating one. That could prove to be the only risk the John Muckler has made, should the Dominator not be able to recapture that form of his that stymied countless NHL scorers then the new season will probably end much like the old ones of the past.

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