Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Auld aquaintances won't be forgot at Wrigley on New Years Day

The Field of Ice Dreams; if they build it Chicagoans will probably bundle up and come!

The NHL is taking its outdoor show to the Ivy clad walls of Wrigley Field, with confirmation on Tuesday that Chicago will be host of the New Years Day Classic when the Stanley Cup champion Red Wings will ring in the New Year.

A crowd of around 41,000 is expected to test the Chicago climate notorious for it's cool breezes off of Lake Michigan, the NHL is hopeful that by featuring the sport on New Year's Day in one of its original six cities and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the USA that the game will grow in popularity.

It will make for an interesting experience for sure, though we do wonder exactly when they will break out in traditional song. Normally they join in chorus for Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh inning stretch.

What they have planned for Hockey at Wrigley could be the pivotal part of the entire day, by our reckoning a seventh inning stretch in hockey might be somewhere along the lines of the ten minute mark of the third period.

Our choice for the sing along favourite... Stompin' Tom's The Hockey Song also known as The Good Old Hockey Game! To help our friends in the Windy City prepare, as a public service HockeyNation provides this tutorial for Bleacher Bums everywhere, however cold they may become!

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