Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Emery explains his Senators days, to a fashion

As he prepares to pack his hockey gear for a winter in Russia, Ray Emery who was once touted as the future of the Ottawa Senators and now is very much a part of their past, took an appearance on Michael Landsberg's Off the Record to set the record straight, kind of, sort of.

Emery sat in for the entire program and provided some background on the tumultuous season that he and the Senators shared, admitting to a few of his very public flaws, but certainly not taking the entire blame for the Senators monumental crash to earth last season.

While he touched on the many off ice distractions that seemed to mark his season with the Sens, the one bone of contention that seemed the most divisive in the Sens room didn't get much of a mea culpa.

When discussing his now much documented and discussed tardiness for practice sessions, Emery seemed less than concerned about the perception of it all, suggesting that he's not one to be too terribly concerned about arriving on time.

Which should make for an interesting approach to his new duties in Russia where time and distance will make for an interesting challenge in travel considerations in the Kontinental League he is about to join.

If Ray is looking for a little reading material for his summer vacation, we suggest he pick up Dave King's most recent book King of Russia (which we reviewed here earlier this year), as he thumbs through the pages he might discover that a good alarm clock and driving service may make for a more enjoyable experience in his new hockey homeland.

TSN features clips of his appearance hosted on their website.

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