Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The League of "Less" than extraordinary gentleman

Well the troubled path of life for current and now former NHL owners continues on, with more and more frequent legal reports highlighting some corporate malfeasance or another to entertain the paying customers.

With that in mind, we launch a new feature on HockeyNation today, call it sunstroke if you wish, but we think that there may be some legs in a listing of those folks that find themselves the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons.

While we’re going to concentrate on the current crop of the ownership cadre, there will be from time to time, names from the past that once again jump to the headlines. And who knows we may even decide that our very own Hall of Shame might be a handy thing to have, leading us to the Hockey archives.

For now however, we'll try to keep it current. So while our subjects seek out absolution from a higher power (no NOT Gary Bettman) we without further ado present our "League of less than extraordinary gentlemen"!

September 8, 2008-- Will he go from the ice house, to the Big House?

For Anaheim Ducks owner Henry Samueli the possibility of a plea bargain, designed to keep him from finding himself behind bars seemed to be less and less likely today. With a declaration that "The court cannot accept a plea agreement that gives the impression that justice is for sale," US District Court Judge Cormac Carney seemed to making plans to send Samueli a little further down the bench than the penalty box for his involvement in a stock options backdating case that led to the largest corporate write down of its kind...Judge rejects plea deal for Ducks' owner

July 22, 2008-- They sing the Blues in St. Loo don’t they?

From the bad old days of the St. Louis Blues, when bankruptcy seemed like a common theme and fire sales were the thing of legend, a name that will stir many a memory in the city with that big Arch… Former Blues owner enters guilty plea

June 24, 2008-- If it looks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck!

It wasn’t that long ago that Brian Burke was praising his owners for their fine charitable works and dedication to the Anaheim Ducks. Turns out perhaps he was auditioning to be a character witness for the defence… NHL suspends Ducks owner Henry Samueli

May 31, 2008-- No money, no problems, well ok maybe a few problems!

Hand picked by the powers that be to take a share of the Predators franchise, all was going well until it was discovered that cash, er might be a little problem at the end of the day… Legal troubles tarnish San Jose society golden boy 'Boots' Del Biaggio

January 17, 2008-- So that's why they call the place the Shark tank!

Backdating stock options is apparently not a wise thing to do, that at least the inference from a 21 month sentence to the former part owner of the San Jose Sharks... Brocade ex-CEO gets 21 months in prison for stock options scheme

August 15, 2007-- Well at least he doesn't have to watch the Islanders play

Hard time for software fraud, well perhaps hard time is a stretch. You would have thought that being a co-owner of the Islanders would qualify you for participation in the witness protection program however... Ex-Software Executive Begins Prison Term

The Golden Ages of Corporate Malfeasance

June 20, 2005-- But, But the Sabres are on cable tonight

Justice pulled the plug on the Rigas clan, after they got caught up in all of that financial voodoo of the early part of this century, a scenario that almost, almost brought down the Sabres with them... Adelphia founder sentenced to 15 years

January 29, 2000-- Who said all the crime was in Jersey?

The Islanders have come a long way from their remarkable years of Stanley Cup victories, sadly for the folks on Long Island, their team is somehow becoming better known for its past ownership troubles than all of those Stanley Cup banners... Spano Draws Prison Term For Fraud in Islanders Deal

January 6, 1998-- An Eagle caged

He may not have been an actual owner, but he sure acted like one. Alan Eagleson who ran his affairs in a most autocratic way found that eventually justice will prevail, even if she takes a little time... Eagleson pleads guilty

January 10, 1997-- Instead of spending time with his favourite players, he's spending time in the hole

He was perhaps the poster boy for a troubled era of sports, a CFL and NHL owner travelling in those worlds where the money flowed fast, apparently even if there wasn't any money to flow... No Glitter, no Gretzky for 'New' L.A. Kings

August 15, 1972--- And then there was Harold

Finally a chance for King Clancy to have some time to himself, as the Legendary King would have to find someone else to hang out with for a few years or so... Harold Ballard convicted of fraud

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