Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wii have an option for those that want to play but would rather leave the skates in the storage tub

For aficionados of the Wii craze, September 9th is the day to apparently mark on your calendar.

That's the day that Nintendo will launch their first hockey game for the ever so popular game platform.

The Arts Technica website has details on the upcoming release, as the Opossable Thumbs journal has the opening preview as to what to expect and what some of the new features that will be unleashed on the gaming world by 2K Sports.

Among some of the highlights, Wii Remote Goaltending, Precision passing and shooting and if your player apparently gets fed up enough, even a dropping the gloves feature which allows you to go toe to toe with your opponent.

An option that will no doubt give Don Cherry something else to do with his thumbs come September!

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