Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Battlin' Famille Roy

Fresh from his ceremony in Montreal on Saturday night, Patrick Roy is once again in the centre of controversy, this after details emerged about the circumstances of his son's suspension after a nasty incident in a Quebec junior game from last Friday night.

Frédérick Roy, 17, the younger brother of last year's battling Roy brother Jonathon, was suspended for fifteen games Monday by the Quebec Junior Hockey League, that after a vicious cross check delivered to the face of Vincent Bourgeois, who tumbled to the ice and lay motionless for a number of minutes while trainers rendered assistance.

This explains the reaction of the Montreal crowd when the younger Roy accompanied his brother and father to the Bell Centre on Saturday night, Frederick receiving a smattering of boos from the crowd, after his on ice hostility of the night before.

Patrick who is the coach of the Remparts, last year was suspended after Jonathon was involved in an ugly on ice brawl, a brawl for which Jonathon is facing criminal charges over.

The latest incident of the Roy's highlights some of the unease that some had over the honoring of Patrick by the Canadiens, as more than a few fans suggested that the Senior Roy was fostering a style of hockey that is of a past era and shows little in the way of concern for opposing players or the good of the game.

Friday night's events will only bolster their argument. As the Roy's collectively seem to aspire more towards the stylings of the Sopranos, Gambinos or the Black Donnelly's, rather than the Richards or Turgeon's...

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