Friday, November 28, 2008

Give his regards to Broadway

Brendan Shanahan is apparently tired of waiting, the former New York Ranger has been patiently waiting by the phone for Glen Sather to give him a call and a new contract offer, but the cal hasn't come and Shanahan is ready to move on.

A story posted on outlines the state of Shanahan's future, one which was waiting for cap space to be made in New York, a move which never materialized. Shanahan had been hoping

So, it seems that with New York out of the picture, Shanahan's agent will be accepting offers from other NHL teams looking for an experienced hand to help settle down the younger ones on their line up.

Shanahan had been hoping to stay in New York, so one imagines his first choices would be those teams that are located reasonably close to his New York home, the Islanders, Devils, Flyers apparently those that he wouldn't mind hearing a call or two from.

With December almost turning the pages of the calendar, Shanahan has decided the time is here to get back on the ice somewhere, all that remains to be seen is if the teams other than the Rangers share his enthusiasm.

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