Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let the negotiations begin

The dominoes are beginning to fall in Toronto, as the expected arrival of Brian Burke as the next General Manager at least and perhaps much more, appears set to realize its destiny.

The Globe and Mail is reporting that negotiations are set to begin between Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and their apparent first and only choice to take charge of one of the NHL's flagship franchises. And with that report, the official Burke watch is now official, no longer just the speculative gossip of the radio and television talk shows, but something that involves lawyers and accountants.

The Maple Leaf search party of Gord Kirke and Richard Petty who have been in a form of semi-retirement since the halt to searching was made, have apparently fired up the blackberries and topped up their cel phone cards as the real money talks now get underway.

Burke's agent is the Vancouver based Peter Gall and he received the inquisitive phone call about his client last week by the Maple Leafs, who called to touch base upon Burke's resignation from the Anaheim Ducks last week, a not unexpected announcement and one that has stoked the fires of speculation ever since.

Now it seems that there is a little flame to go with all of that smoke..

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