Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Burkes are now accepting offers and quotes

It would seem that he's just not an OC kind of guy!
NHL team owners and Southern California moving companies both have something in common today, they both will be preparing financial information sheets for Brian and Jeniffer Burke.

The Anaheim Ducks revealed today that Brian Burke has tendered his resignation as General Manager NHL team, a not unexpected announcement considering his reticence to sign on to the contract extension that has been sitting on his desk for months now.
Having thought over his options, it is said that Burke decided that family comes first and last week advised the Ducks that he was not inclined to sign on for the extension and from there the Ducks began to contemplate their next move.

A decision that they revealed during a noon hour press conference in Southern California.

Replacing Burke as King of Duckburg will be Bob Murray the one time GM of the Chicago Black Hawks and then as a scout for Burke during the Vancouver days, Murray joined the Ducks in 2005 working for Burke and now moves up to the main job.

With Burke stepping down and apparently receiving the blessing of Anaheim ownership to seek out his future as he wishes, the never ending rumours of the Burke's relocation to Toronto move will now go into overdrive.

Such was the breath taking nature of the decision that the Toronto sports station The Fan covered the Anaheim press conference live, something we're pretty safe to assume was not the case in Duckland.

The Leafs were keeping their opinions rather close prior to the announcement, continuing on with the team line that they were still on track to keeping their GM search on hiatus until spring, a suggestion that no one really is taking all that seriously considering the latest developments out California.

The bidding will now begin, the Leafs expected to be at the front of the line looking to lure Burke to the hockey mad Maple Leaf universe. What will be interesting will be to see which other teams may wish to enter the Burke derby, a move that could make things uncomfortable for the Leafs should they really desire Burke as their next top executive.
Vancouver fans would no doubt be happy to see the blunt but popular former Canuck leader return to British Columbia, but it's doubtful that they will receive their wish. The Aquilini owned Canucks have moved in a different direction from the Burke era, while GM Mike Gillis retools the team under the suspicious eyes of Canuck fans everywhere. Don't think for a minute that there won't be a flood of calls on Vancouver's sport shows this evening calling for Burke to be brought back.

While the league's troubled teams ponder the possibilities of a Burke led turnaround, moving lines across Southern California wait patiently, hoping that the Burke's are quick to find a new NHL home and making a cross continent trek in short order.
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