Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ryan O'Byrne's long, long night

Ryan O`Byrne is about to become a You Tube favourite for all the wrong reasons...

Hopefully for OByrne it will be one of the few and perhaps the only "Oh Oh moment" in his career, Monday night the Canadiens defenceman committed perhaps the most embarrassing sin that an NHLer could have, he scored on his own net.

With time winding down in the third period, O'Byrne tossed a puck back into his own end of the rink, a play that headed directly for the recently vacated Canadiens net (a delayed penalty had just been called) and into the back of the right hand side.

It was a costly miscue, sending the game into overtime and then a shoot out which ended badly for Montreal with the Islanders taking home a 4-3 victory, solidifying O'Byrne's hands on the goat horns in Montreal for the foreseeable future.

It's a move that every player dreads and really shouldn't happen in this fashion you would think.

If O'Byrne is looking for sliver linings in dark clouds, he can at least console himself that it didn't happen in the playoffs and didn't cost the Canadiens a Stanley Cup. A November own goal, as depressing for the fans as it may be, is still a fair bit aways from a self scored marker in a game seven of the Stanley Cup final.

Time may soothe the Habitants faithful, who were more than willing to share their feelings on Monday night. Should the Canadiens travel far along the playoff path in the Spring of 2009 then few wll remember the events of November 24th at the Bell Centre (though we are sure that hockey fans will be replaying the YouTube clip above over and over from now on).

At least, that's what O'Byrne must be hoping as he dedicates his play to the goal of looking where he's passing/shooting from now on.

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