Friday, January 09, 2009

Garbovski siadzieć

Maybe I didn't need to do this. It was just five seconds in my head.”-- Maple Leaf Mikhail Grabovski, reconsidering his antics on the way off the ice in Thursday night’s Montreal Toronto game.

He may miss some of the intricacies of the English language from time to time, but one thing should be pretty crystal clear for Mikhail Grabovski, grabbing an official and tossing him aside is not something that you should be doing at any time during the course of a hockey game.

There was nothing lost in translation on Friday from the NHL head office, the Maple Leaf’s Mikhail Grabovski, having pushed aside an NHL official during Thursday night’s game with Montreal will be out of the line up for three games, suspended for his abuse of the on ice official.

The incident took place during a late game scrum between Grabovski and the Canadiens Sergei Kostitsyn, things moved quickly beyond the shouting from the benches leading to some on ice grabbing and shoving, caught in the middle of it all was NHL linesman Scott Cherrey who ended up getting shoved aside by Grabovski, that after his efforts at having kept the two separated for most of the exchange.

As Grabovski left the ice, he repaid the compliments of the Montreal crowd with five seconds of antics on the way to the dressing room, no doubt a move that will endear him to Montreal fans for many years to come, he found even more ways to work his way into their hearts post game, as he described Kostitsyn as more French than Belarussian, as “I never fight with Belarussian guys.”

Grabovski at one time was part of the Canadiens organization, though apparently not a favourite of head coach Guy Carbonneau, the Kotsitsyn’s and we guess now of the Montreal fans.

Familiarities will be renewed on February 7th in Montreal, bring your Belarussian/English dictionaries to keep up to speed if you wish.

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