Friday, January 30, 2009

Lots of sun, but not much fun for the Habs in Florida

For any Quebecois, nothing beats a late January retreat to the sunny climes of Florida, an annual migration that seems to grow by the year, one that brings a smile to the face and feeling of relaxation, unless of course you’re a member of the Montreal Canadiens.

The Habs spent their few days in the Florida sun finding that the home sides of Tampa and Miami weren’t particularly inclined to play the genial hosts, as both Florida teams provided the Canadiens with solid spankings on their southern jaunt.

Of particular concern for Habs devotees, has been the sudden mortality of Carey Price, who has surrendered 15 goals in four games, though to be fair, he's not been particularly well served by his defence, nor by any inclination of his forwards to come back and lend a hand.

By the time Montreal was finished with the Florida festivities, they must have felt as though they had been the main course for the gators of the Florida swamps, such was the fate they suffered from their time with southern hospitality.

As the Panthers put the Canadiens on the plane home with a 5-1 loss, the Habs had tallied up their fourth consecutive loss on the five game road trip, a slide that has begun to worry the always easy to worry Montreal media (and a few other sun worshippers from elsewhere), who took time from the sun block to cobble together a few stories about the sudden appearance of the Habs losing ways.

Perhaps it was all that sun, the warm temperatures and the lure of the golf courses, what Montreal needs it seems to get back into the hockey groove, is some of that good old Montreal winter weather.

Minus 20, some snow, trading golf clubs for shovels and plugging in the car again, now that might get them thinking hockey...

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