Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maybe he just didn't like that particular hat...

A hat is a hat, unless it starts a spat.

Ray Emery is making headlines again, all be it in the Cyrillic typeface.

Emery currently tending the goal in Russia, found himself once again the featured presentation of YouTube, this after an altercation with his team's trainer behind the bench.

Emery, who had apparently been pulled from the game, was a little less than enthused at the constant prodding from the trainer to put on one of the team sponsor's baseball style caps while he cooled his heels on the bench.

After one too many requests, Emery's legendary fuse hit the short side, with a rather quick and very visible scrap behind the bench and through the tunnel towards the dressing room.

The latest episode of fists of fury, Russian rendezvous, have helped to fuel speculation that perhaps Emery might be wishing to return to North America, if so knocking around the trainer might be one way to get yourself off the roster, but one wonders if it may not put him in danger of becoming a guest of the state for a longer term than he originally signed on for...

National Post-- Video shows Emery scuffling with KHL trainer
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