Thursday, January 22, 2009

One more challenge for Pat Burns

The NHL community is once again charging into the corner of Pat Burns, as word was released on Wednesday that former beat cop and longtime NHL coach is facing the challenges of cancer one more time.

Burns has been battling the disease for a number of years now, successfully taking it on in the form of colon and liver cancer, Wednesday it was announced that he now must tackle lung cancer.

There is no shortage of goodwill directed towards Burns, who has been the embodiment of a battler since he first heard of his challenge back in 2003.

Aware of the way the media, especially that of his home province of Quebec can handle the developments, he released a statement on Wednesday that said “The truth is simple: the cancer has returned. But I'm still alive and well. I'm not in great shape, but I still get up every morning, I play golf, I ride my motorbike, and I work despite the disease”.

Burns who currently lives in Florida, has chosen not to take on the ravages of chemotherapy for a third time, instead battling the disease through what he calls another way.

There will be millions of hockey fans hoping and perhaps saying a prayer, that once again he comes out on top of his foe.

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