Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quest for Hockeyville: Terrace, B. C.

Saturday night was Hockey Night in Terrace, British Columbia, as the northwest BC community welcomed Cassie Campbell and Kirk McLean to town to share in the bid for Hockeyville status.

The Terrace organizing committee has been busy over the last number of months seeking to put the best impression forward for the community in their hope to be named Hockeyville 2009, numerous community events have taken place over the last number of weeks as the community spirit rose to the occasion of securing their place on the finalists list.

Last week that hard work came to successful conclusion as the city was named one of the five finalists in the Hockeyville competition, their efforts reviewed between periods of the NHL triple header of Saturday night.

The results will now be put in the hands of the judges so to speak (those voters who take part in the online voting and text messaging), and while Terrace might have a head start having been selected first, there is also the realization that by having the first presentation the subsequent contenders will have a good idea just what the bar is for them to rise above.

The background on some of the events that Terrace put on and the excitement that the competition has generated can be found below, all designed to impress enough Canadians that they are indeed the place for hockey this season.

Terrace Daily online-- Hockeyville Schedule of events

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