Sunday, March 01, 2009

Habs back on track after battling Sharks

He wasn't very well known at the start of the season, lost in aura of the rising star of Carey Price, but for Jaroslav Halak, the last two weeks have been an announcement of his arrival as the Canadiens suddenly hot goaltender finds his share of the hockey spotlight in the most over analyzed hockey town there is.

Halak recorded his fourth consecutive victory for Montreal, a string that has secured his place for now as the go to guy for Guy Carbonneau, who finally had to take the youngster Price off the hot seat, such were his struggles through January and February.

Since Halak has settled down his team mates, the Habs have once again started to show some of that flash that had everyone talking about them prior to the all star break, Saturday while outplayed significantly by San Jose in the third period, Halak held off the Shark attack and rewarded his team with two points and some much needed confidence.

Now with the trade deadline approaching next week, GM Bob Gainey can start to think about what it will take to improve the team for a playoff run as opposed to where he was two weeks ago and the prospect of having to improve his team just to make them.

Picture above from Montreal Gazette website

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