Friday, March 06, 2009

Olli looks OK in Flame debut

Reunited with his former coach from Florida days seems to have had instant results for Olli Jokinen, his debut game for the Flames turned into a two goal night for him and seven points for the line he centred for the night.

Jokinen was put onto the starting line with Jarome Iginla and Mike Cammalleri, the chemistry seemed to take from the opening face off as the trio accounted for the bulk of the scoring in the 5-1 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday night. Calgary's other marquee acquisition Jordan Leopold also got his name on the scoring summary a good start for his second tour of duty in Flames colours.

The trades made during the Wednesday deadline day marathon, have excited Flame fans with its potential and put the Flames into a prime spot to take a long run into the Stanley Cup playoffs. For Jokinen that will be a rather unusual experience, having played on a number of teams through 781 games and has yet to take part in the annual spring time ritual for NHL players.

Over the last few years Jokinen has struggled to find his place in the NHL, a career that promised much in potential suddenly off track as he seemed to lose some passion for the game, the move to Calgary has been hailed by many as probably just what he needed to fire up his game once again.

His last term of employment for Mike Keenan back in the Florida days provided for some of his most inspired hockey, the Flames are no doubt hopeful that he will rediscover that drive to succeed.

And if game number one is any indication, he's ready to take up the challenge.

Calgary Sun-- Olli cow!

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