Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It sure beats trying to solve the auto crisis

Former CAW executive Buzz Hargrove is the anticipated replacement for Eric Lindros as the NHLPA ombudsman.

Hargrove who has been filling in as the temp ever since Lindros left the job earlier this season (under some mysterious circumstances, is considered the favourite to be offered the job full time this summer.

NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly outlined by e mail on Monday that the decision will be made during the NHLPA gathering this summer, as part of the associations annual meetings.

Hargrove retired from the labour wars between the CAW and the auto makers in the most timeliest of fashions, taking his leave just before the entire North American auto sector was turned on its head caught up in the ongoing economic crisis spanning the world.

Since his departure from the auto world, both GM and Chrysler have been flirting with bankruptcy and North America's auto workers are feeling quite nervous about their futures.

It's no wonder he told the Sports Business Journal that he's interested in the NHLPA job on a full time basis, compared to what he left behind in his days as the go to guy for labour in Canada, handling the mild mannered complaints of the NHL's most handsomely rewarded workers must seem like a sunny day at the beach for Hargrove.

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