Friday, March 13, 2009

Habs in no hurry to find Carbo's replacement

Bob Gainey will be the bench boss for the remainder of this season and whatever portion of the playoffs that Montreal might play in, providing they are still among the top eight on the last day of play.

While he contemplates ways to get his suddenly under performing squad to rise to the occasion, Gainey will also have to be rolling around more than line combinations in his head. Then again, judging by some of the speculation in the always rumour crazy Montreal market, maybe he'll just keep the job himself come September.

That's just one of the many theories getting bounced around La Belle province these days as Montrealers come to terms with the slide of their hometown heroes and the nervous looks at the standings that begin each morning now.

While folks look at the wins and losses, and wonder if the Habs will be left standing in the standings when the playoffs begin, the next best bit of sport is the quest to follow the bouncing names around the Montreal media.

So far, only a few days after Guy Carbonneau departed from the scene, there's been a rather interesting who's who of names as potential replacements.

Among the coveted or just plain speculated are: Denis Savard, Michel Therrien, Mario Tremblay, Marc Crawford, Jacques Lemaire and every one's favourite horse in the race, Patrick Roy.

Some of the names above are probably serious suggestions some of them just a little on the loopy side, but make no doubt, the list will grow and the names will continue to raise eyebrows, leaving us with a lengthy list of would be coaches who will have to decide if coaching in the pressure cooker of Montreal really is a career move or a career ending move...

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