Sunday, March 01, 2009

We're off the IR and no longer day to day

Well it's been a rather ugly week as we battled the flu and found that even hockey can't cure you when that nasty little bug rolls around.

We had an upper body injury, which presented a number of challenges the most important one of all the ability to breathe without hacking out an internal body part.

Our apologies for the missing content over the last week and a bit, we really weren't inclined to write and the Nyquil/anti biotic haze left us somewhat delirious, hell we even thought that those rumours that the Ottawa Senators were making a push for the playoffs were paying off.

As we've since discovered they're pretty well where they have been for most of the season, far down the list looking up and not seeing much in the way of potential success to come.

Our hope is to get back into the article writing business pretty quickly here, we'll try and tidy up some of the other items that got a little neglected over the last few weeks as well.

We of course don't have much time to get back up to speed with the Trade deadline coming up fast this week, so we'll skim the hockey universe and get to it in short order..

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