Thursday, December 29, 2011

3 and out at Spengler

Canada's time in the spotlight at the Spengler Cup came to a quick and sudden end on Thursday, as Team Canada, still reeling from yesterday's hammering against the Davos squad, lost a pre semi final (something we might call the quarterfinals?) match in shoot outs to a quite motivated Wolfsburg squad.

The IIHF site was almost chortling over the loss to Davos, as Marc Crawford's team suffered what was described on the site as a "humiliation", in that 8-1 loss.  The hangover effect of which seems to have carried over into Thursday's must win game against Wolfsburg.

Globe and Mail -- HC Davos hammers Canada at Spengler Cup
Sun Newspapers-- Canada Blown out at Spengler Cup Davos flattens Canada at Spengler Cup
TSN-- When was the last time Canada lost this big?

Crawford perhaps offered up some inadvertent foreshadowing on Wednesday when he suggested that  Canada needed to get back to the basics if they had any hope of rebounding, with the 3-2 shoot out loss to the Wolfsburg squad, it would seem that parts of that message may not have made it through in time.

Globe and Mail-- Canada eliminated from Spengler Cup Canada ousted at Spengler Cup
IIHF-- Wolfsburg with Sensational win against Team Canada

With the loss, Canada was eliminated from further medal contention at the annual tourney, Canada last claimed the Spengler Cup in 2007.

And while the early exit by Canada might make for a dramatic headline or two in Europe and offer up some sense of parity among European squads, the departure of any rooting interests for the folks back on this side of the Atlantic probably will make for a lonely feeling for TSN's Paul Romanuk.

The theme for Paul Romanuk perhaps more Pink Floyd's "Is there anybody out there", as opposed to that fine chorus from Stompin' Tom of "Hello out there, we're on the air it's hockey night tonight, "

Without Canada at least moving forward to the semi finals or even the final itself, we imagine that the sound that can be heard all the way across the ocean to Davos will be that of Canadian television clickers moving on to other pursuits in this very busy sports weekend.

You can follow the remainder of the Spengler Cup progress from our portal, with this link from our right hand column.

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