Monday, December 05, 2011

Flaming out in Calgary

Twenty four hours can make a huge difference in the emotional mindset of a hockey team.

Saturday night the Calgary Flames no doubt were feeling pretty good about themselves, a strong effort in Edmonton had provided a 5-3 win over their provincial rivals, always a positive result if you're a Flames fan.

A building block for a struggling franchise, one that perhaps heralded a turning point in the Flames season.

Less than a day later, the Flames were taken to school by the Vancouver Canucks, as Roberto Luongo making his much anticipated return to the Canucks net, shut down the Flames, pacing the Canucks to a 5-1 victory and knocking down all that good Flame karma from their Saturday night victory in Edmonton.

The Flames lack of success in Vancouver seems to have provided for another closed door session post game, the media kept at bay much longer than the required NHL specifications, with few players left behind once the doors were opened to offer up an explanation as to the woes of the Flames this season.

Calgary fans, no doubt watching developments in Northern Alberta with interest must be feeling a little uneasy as the Flames struggle game after game, while the Oilers their perpetual rivals receive the accolades of a young fast team on the rebuild with much success.

In fact, on most nights, the Flames look the complete opposite of what the Oilers are providing for, they don't look fast, they don't look competitive and they seem a tad lost on the ice, focus clearly becoming a problem whether at home or at the Saddledome.

The next few games could very well decide what the next move out of Calgary will be, the Flames have a three game home stand  and then take to the road for what could be a long skate into oblivion, with a lengthy road trip that could find them out far out of the playoff hunt as we turn the calendar to 2012.

November provided for a number of coaching changes for non performing clubs, the next month could determine if not only if a coaching change is required in Calgary, but if a number of players may be filling out change of address notices as well.

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