Monday, December 05, 2011

What does the Globe and Mail know that Mr. Bettman doesn't?

The Globe and Mail has turned its attention to the always tricky question of conference realignment, publishing and posting a story on Sunday about the potential changes to come in the textbooks of Mr. Bettman's Geography class.

David Shoalts pondered the possibilities, offering up the most likely path of re-distribution, which would see four divisions created, covering the Pacific, Midwest, Atlantic and Northeast regions of the continent.

Canadian nationalists hopeful of an all Canadian division, or NHL traditionalists seeking an all Original six division won't be happy, but for the most part the lineup, as outlined by the Globe should satisfy most.

Unless of course you happen to live in Pittsburgh or Columbus, two cities which it would seem have been eliminated in the Globe story.  A screenshot (see below) of the Globe article from Monday morning finds both teams missing in action when it comes to redistribution,  left out of their most likely destinations of the Northeast or Midwest Divisions.

If you live in the Pittsburgh or Columbus area, perhaps keep an eye out for moving vans in convoy in the midnight hours...

The Globe does mention both Pittsburgh and Columbus in the main body of the story (and probably it's some of the concerns as to where to put them that explains why they don't appear in the listings provided), it still looks rather funny not to see them placed somewhere if just for mathematical purposes alone.

And while Pittsburgh and Columbus wonder what they've done wrong, there's always the Phoenix question (Bonjour Quebec, comment ca va?).

Phoenix is a franchise that surely can't spend much more time wandering in the desert of Arizona hoping that a) someone wants to buy them and b) someone wants to come and watch them!

Worst of all from the Globe and Mail's redesign of the NHL is the loss of Sidney Crosby,  it's bad enough that we lost him for almost a year due to injury, now with the click of a word processor he and his entire team are gone for good!!!

If you're keeping notes at home, maybe put this up on the board with a dry erase marker, It would seem that a few changes might be required before this template becomes the final product !

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