Tuesday, October 05, 2004

How can we miss you, if you won't go away!

Well like an abscessed tooth here comes the WHA to once again threaten to launch itself this season. When we last left our little band of capitalist dreamers, they were preparing to toss in the towel having run into a major problem, that being of funding!

Now for some inexplicable reason they’re back and apparently ready to make a go of it one more time! The website that occasionally offers up glimmers of hope from the league today suggests that a group based in Boca Raton, Florida and New York City is preparing a bid to purchase all of the league’s assets. Which considering the state of this league must surely only amount to paper clips, envelopes and possibly a computer and a telephone. No t’s have been crossed, nor any i’s dotted, which is par for the course with this adventure, so we’ll take this latest breath taking announcement with more than a grain of salt.

The latest invention of the WHA is best known for it’s inability to sign players, find a rink to play or even find someone with an actual bank account to help get things onto the ice. But optimism abounds in the closely guarded circle of investors and they claim they still hope to have the league in operation for this 2004-05 season. If press releases were any indication this thing would be a raging success, at the moment though it seems to have more in common with successive ravings!

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