Monday, October 04, 2004

Lockout Update October 4-10

The October games have been cancelled and not one meeting has taken place since the lockout began. The two sides seem locked into their positions with no middle ground and so we continue on waiting for some kind of positive development. Until then it's more of the same.

4-Oct-04 Players are looking for diversions
4-Oct-04 The TSN solution
4-Oct-04 The Habs a truly International team
5-Oct-04 Rumours, Rumours, Rumours
5-Oct-04 Mickey and Donald ask is anyone listening?
6-Oct-04 Labour disruption causing money crunch in Junior Hockey
6-Oct-04 Lockout a battle of wills
6-Oct-04 Idle Hands causing trouble
6-Oct-04 Stubborn men mean long winter
6-Oct-04 Out for a skate
6-Oct-04 Is it all about Gary?
7-Oct-04 Gary pick up the phone!
7-Oct-04 At least someone's season is full of promise
7-Oct-04 Sammy says wait for the owners to cave
7-Oct-04 The Great One and the Magnificent One mere pawns
10-Oct-04 Family time for locked out players
10-Oct-04 Gaining inspiration from George and John
10-Oct-04 It's all downhill for Chelios
10-Oct-04 Forget about a January breakthrough

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