Monday, October 18, 2004

Lockout update October 18-24

Another week with nothing to say
Another week this time the players got no pay
Another week without the Ron and Don way
Instead its Ron with the movie for Saturday
We'll end this rhyme cause it's rather lame
Just give us back our Hockey game

24-Oct-04 Holding onto their cash firmly!
22-Oct-04 "I was convinced he would destroy the league"
22-Oct-04 Bring a suit and a smile and stay for awhile
22-Oct-04 Fasel suggests failure is imminent
22-Oct-04 A questionable strategy?
22-Oct-04 Pronger has some career advice for "replacements"
22-Oct-04 Levitt puzzled at the strategies of two sides
21-Oct-04 NHL owners ponder a drop dead date
21-Oct-04 Waiting for the crush of fans
21-Oct-04 One voice that won't be silenced
18-Oct-04 Instead of changing lines he'll be changing diapers
18-Oct-04 Somebody's going to get a phone call
18-Oct-04 Somebody got a phone call!
18-Oct-04 Leaf tickets better than a gov't bond?
18-Oct-04 Professor Hitchcock!
18-Oct-04 Harry finds hope in the darkest hours

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