Thursday, October 14, 2004

Lockout Update October 11-17

The training camps never happened, and now the season is officially a bust. Neither side is talking, and for some players there will only be rust. Another week to wonder if we'll ever see the game, but somehow we all doubt it cause there's so many folks to blame!

17-Oct-04 The Pay envelope was empty
17-Oct-04 Linden feels the heat from the fans
17-Oct-04 Shovelling dirt on the grave in California
17-Oct-04 Waiting for the phone to ring
15-Oct-04 There is still some interest in NHL tickets!
15-Oct-04 The ultimate in positional hockey
15-Oct-04 The Very Silent Majority
14-Oct-04 Lots of talk, just not much in the way of action
14-Oct-04 No games on the ice, lots in the backrooms
14-Oct-04 No suits, No talks, No Hockey
14-Oct-04 No plan for contraction as part of dispute
13-Oct-04 Canadians not optimistic about resolution
13-Oct-04 Follow the money!
13-Oct-04 Too many questions, not near enough answers
13-Oct-04 A Dark day for Hockey
13-Oct-04 Gary goes online
13-Oct-04 The lockout and the damage done
13-Oct-04 Chelios hits the ice!
12-Oct-04 Thrashers owner hit in pocketbook
12-Oct-04 Zebra's scrambling to making ends meet

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