Friday, October 08, 2004

Only the Lawyers get rich!

Well this should make for a wonderful lawsuit; a group called Orlando Professional Hockey is taking the WHA to court, over who has the right to play out of the Orlando Centroplex in 2004-05. The Seals have something in common with the WHA, much like the less than financially stable league; the Seals have suspended play for 2004-5. The Seals claim that rink leasing problems have resulted in them having to suspend their plans for a year. Now doesn’t that sound rather familiar? Never mind taking the WHA to court, with this kind of background they should be applying for membership!

Now I’m sure somewhere in Florida a lawyer is selling the idea of going to court to his or her clients, but one wonders if this is not a lot like Enron suing WorldCom after all the money was gone?

In case the owners of the Orlando Seals hadn’t noticed, the WHA is not exactly flush with a) players, b) ownership or c) anything resembling cash. What exactly they hope to achieve in damages from the fumbling league is beyond me. Pucks, Sticks, Zambonis? It’s doubtful that this crew have enough to buy hockey tape, let alone settle a lawsuit.

At any rate it’s just another roadblock for the brave band of dreamers who keep threatening to bring us the WHA. The Seals apparently feel threatened at the possibility of WHA hockey rearing its ugly head in Florida and have taken pre-emptive action to head them off at the swamp.

Judging by the rapid pace of developments from the WHA the Orlando Seals should have no worries. If the WHA’s success thus far is any indication, the Seals, should they ever solve their problems with the City of Orlando will have the Centroplex to themselves for many years to come.

For now HockeyNation will sit back and await the legal proceedings, Like Judge Joe Brown we look forward to following the case of the league nobody has heard of, taking on the league that no one has seen!

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