Monday, October 25, 2004

Lockout Update October 25-Oct 31

The opening nights they all were dark,
The players thus began to bark!
The owners kept up a front united,
The ones that talked were quickly hushed!
This week will end on All Hallows Eve,
The witching hour for those who believe.
Will it be trick or treat for the hockey fan,
Or more of the same with no real game plan!

31-Oct-04 Bob Goodenow's list of headaches
31-Oct-04 The European hold out
31-Oct-04 HMCS Goodenow one leaky boat
31-Oct-04 Even more labour trouble on the horizon
31-Oct-04 Time to trim Goodenow's power?
31-Oct-04 Rob Ray ready to cross?
30-Oct-04 Cournoyer disappointed
30-Oct-04 Rucchin to stay the course
30-Oct-04 NHLPA to bring in the big boys
29-Oct-04 It's Not as bad as the networks first thought
29-Oct-04 Backlash to the new arrivals in Europe
29_oct-04 Everybody's talking except the main attractions
28-Oct-04 Mixed messages from the middle class
28-Oct-04 Honey get me re-write
28-Oct-04 The Commodore is on the deck and maybe on the carpet
27-Oct-04 Former Devils owner suggests players bend
27-Oct-04 The Blame Game
27_Oct-04 Lafleur with the Lowdown
27-Oct-04 Talking to talk about Talking!
25-Oct-04 Marty for the Defence!
25-Oct-04 It's north to Alaska the Rush is on!
25-Oct-04 Laying the problems at Gary's door

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