Monday, December 18, 2006

Courage is a kid named Kessel

It's a remarkable story coming out of Boston, where the young Bruin draft pick and first year player Phil Kessel continues to make a positive recovery from his recent cancer surgery.

And while the recovery is heartwarming news in its own right, Kevin Dupont's tale of how the 19 year old faced adversity is an amazing tale of its own.

Less than 24 hours after his diagnosis was made and the necessary surgery scheduled, Kessel still was on the ice plying his trade for the Bruins, logging his regular amount of ice time in the 12 minute range.

In addition to that, he attended the Bruins family Christmas party the next day, carrying on as a regular teenager might, not showing his fears of the road ahead nor allowing his situation to detract from the family atmosphere of the event.

It's a testimony to the kids character and probably provides a pretty solid blue print for his recovery, one every hockey fan should hope should be as short as possible. And that it seems will be the case, his prognosis is described as excellent, his doctors suggesting he is now cancer free.

Regardless of how his career may play out in the many years to come, Kessel is certainly an all star by any book. He's certainly never going to be perceived as a floater, this is one tough kid and the Bruins should be one thankful lot at his place on their roster.

Character comes in many forms, right now, in Boston it arrives in the body and spirit of a nineteen year old kid.

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