Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Santa says pick up a good book

Christmas and hockey seem to go together nicely; it’s the time of year when the local bookstore begins to find numerous tomes all dedicated to Canada’s National game.

This year provides another bumper crop of books about the chase of the puck, everything from a search for Bobby Orr, to a review of the achievements of Martin Brodeur, there’s a book about the most famous brawl in World Junior history and another about one of the most famous youngsters to come out of junior hockey in a long, long time.

There are the more weighty efforts to save the game, or rejoice in its history, each and every one of them approaching our sport from a different direction, some which will be found to be in rather high demand as Mr. Claus makes his rounds on the 24th.

The Ottawa Citizen’s Wayne Scanlon, gave space in his column for a review of the years soon to be gifts, if he read each and every one of them, he’s the guy to sit next to at the Christmas party, and he’ll be the one with the tales to spin.

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