Sunday, December 31, 2006

Same name, same number, new generation

The Bell Capital Cup currently underway in Ottawa features a rather historic name for Canadian hockey.

The number is 20, the position is goaltender and the name is Tretiak, some thirty four years later it’s déjà vu all over again.

Maxim Tretiak, who plays for the Moscow Silver Sharks, is making his North American debut in the nets in Ottawa, taking part in the largest international minor hockey tournament in the world.

Tretiak the grandson of the Russian great is one of 7500 players from 500 teams taking part in the tournament. His name rekindles past passions about the day his father arrived in Canada and redefined the game of hockey for many North Americans.

Like many Canadian kids who follow in their families footsteps he’s probably hearing quite a bit about his grandfather and no doubt there are going to be comparisons to be made. But for the most part, the ten year old is being left alone to play the game he loves and represent his city and country in a far away land.

It certainly makes for a conversation piece though when it comes to between periods banter.

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