Tuesday, December 26, 2006

World Junior Headlines

We'll track some of the major stories out the World Junior Hockey Championships here, from background pieces on the games to reviews of the action as Canada renews its bid for Gold!

January 6 Price turns aside Russians, critics
January 6 Team Canada too good?
January 6 Price doubles back on goalie doubters
January 6 This win even sweeter
January 6 The winners and still champions
January 5 US wins bronze at WJC
January 5 Game faces are on
January 5 Coach gets lines crossed
January 5 It's all set for an exciting finish
January 5 US team wins bronze
January 5 Downie draws ire of U. S. players
January 5 He's the Gass in their tank
January 5 Golden troika
January 5 Prime Minister says that Canadian hockey is the best
January 5 Locals throw their support behind Canada
January 5 Harper prefers 'team' approach to shootouts
January 4 Jack Johnson to stay at Michigan
January 4 Canada to face a balanced Russian team
January 4 Shootouts have a different look in international hockey
January 4 TSN's coverage balanced
January 4 Canada looks to apply the brakes to Russian offence in world junior final
January 4 Toews saves the day
January 4 The shootout
January 4 Juniors look a bit jittery
January 4 Americans upset replay not used on shot
January 4 Too close to watch
January 4 Tougher than being there
January 4 Shootouts have a different look in international hockey
January 4 Czechs take fifth place
January 3 Russia advances to final
January 3 Going for Gold again
January 3 Staal, Parent quite a pair
January 3 Downie showing huge upside
January 3 U.S. set for another shot at Canadians
January 3 Homefires burning
January 2 U.S., Sweden clinch semifinal spots
January 2 Semi final showdown
January 2 Hardships overcome
January 2 Piestany brawl thing of past
January 2 Best yet to come
January 1 Living quarters give Canada edge
January 1 Kane ups draft status with world-class effort
January 1 Canada perfect going into semis
January 1 Juniors keep rolling along
January 1 Neal sidelined against Slovaks
December 31 Canada remains unbeaten in Sweden
December 30 Steady confidence for Team Canada
December 27 Canada in the Drive's seat
December 27 Success comes through the stomach
December 27 Here come the Swiss?
December 26 Canada Shuts down the Swedes
December 26 Upset specials for day 1
December 25 Getting to know each other
December 25 Globe and Mail blog preview of WJHC
December 25 Canadian finds inspiration
December 25 Price to start in goal
December 25 A family's pride
December 24 Hartsburg on the hot seat

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