Friday, February 23, 2007


Anson Carter is going to pick up the name suitcase if this keeps up. In his 10 years in the NHL the winger has played for seven separate teams, moving on to team number eight tomorrow night.

Carter was moved to the defending Stanley Cup champs on Friday, as the Hurricanes acquired him from the Columbus Blue Jackets for a 2008 draft pick.

Jim Rutherford made the move to try and bolster his sagging Hurricane squad which has been hit with injuries this year and is in danger of missing the playoffs let alone compete to defend their Stanley Cup championship of last year.

Carter will bring no shortage of experience and if able to get untracked, some much needed offence for the Canes. His time in Columbus never seemed to put him in a groove on the ice, as the season progressed his ice time became reduced and his scoring punch all but dried up. So far this year, Carter’s stats are rather uneventful, with 10 goals and 17 assists, a far cry from his output last year when teamed up with Vancouver’s Sedin twins. Carter's career high standard was 33 goals in the 2005-06 season when he helped bring out the best in the young Swedes in Vancouver.

His departure from Vancouver mystified many observers, who felt that he had been a perfect fit for the Swedish twins who have come into their own this season. Perceived by many as being a player that over valued his worth in the marketplace, Carter landed in Columbus to ply his trade this season. However, One has to wonder what Carter’s totals might be this year had things worked out better for him in Vancouver, he and the Sedins made a pretty good line, though as this season has shown the Sedins are becoming a force all to their own.

With his time in Columbus over, he's now off to Carolina, with hopes that he can regain his spark and help resuscitate the playoff hopes of the Hurricanes and their fans.

He begins life in his new home Saturday with a game against the Thrasher's in Atlanta, if he's smart he'll be renting for a bit, his seems to be gypsy life and with unrestricted free agency coming his way this summer, we suspect that he'll be packing that suitcase at least once more before he calls it a day.

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