Friday, February 02, 2007

Sportsnet gives Kelley some extra duties

With his occasional forays north from his Buffalo base, Jim Kelley is finding that there’s a pretty nice niche to carve out for himself bouncing around the Toronto media landscape.

From his regular appearances as one of the sidekicks to Bob McCown on Prime Time Sports, to his gig on the Sporstnet set and now prominently displayed on its web portal, Kelley is keeping rather busy in the Centre of the Canadian media universe.

His latest offering is a blog hosted on the Sportsnet site, which should give hockey fans more than enough water cooler material to sound worldly and wise on all matters puck.

In the debut edition which launched today, Kelley takes on a number of key issues of the day and calls out a few personalities on the sporting scene.

From the NHL’s plans to bring in a NASCAR promoter to sell puck to the US market to pointing out some slight problems in the recent blasting of Gary Bettman by the Edmonton Oilers, Kelley’s blog will provide hockey fans with some fast paced and juicy tid bits of knowledge.

It’s a welcome addition to the hockey scene from one of the best hockey writers on the continent, a fellow with the good sense to know where to park his processor, where the knowledgeable hockey fans live eh!

It’s a definite site to bookmark for the true hockey fan.

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