Sunday, February 04, 2007

Life is a Highway, named Messier

They’re going to make sure that they never forget the name Mark Messier in Edmonton!

Messier who will be honoured by the Oilers later this month, has received word that the community he lived in as a child, St. Albert, will re name the St. Albert Trail, the Mark Messier Trail.

The road which links St. Albert to Edmonton is known for its fast pace, occasional jams at key locations and is a key component in the structure of how Edmonton works, which pretty well describes the way that Messier played and the effect he had on the Oilers back in their golden days.

It’s all part of the list of honours planned for Messier’s return to Edmonton and the retirement of his number in the city that he brought so many memories to.

Messier returns to Edmonton February 26th part of a two day festival set aside to receive the accolades of the city and perhaps a traffic report on the state of traffic on the Mark Messier trail.

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