Friday, February 23, 2007

Hockey referee has a much bigger battle ahead

He was cranked over the head by a hockey player during a fight in a recreational hockey game in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, but when Doctors treated Dale Neudorf for a broken nose and split lip – they discovered something even more alarming, Neudorf had a tumour growing in the middle of his brain.

A CAT scan administered after his admission to hospital to be treated for his hockey related injuries, revealed the tumour which doctors hope to treat in a rather short time.

It’s a strange little twist of fate, that the tumour may have gone un-noticed if not for the vicious assault on the ice at the hockey game. An irony not lost on Nuedorf, who holds no anger towards Nolan Crighton who it is alleged cross-checked him in the face.

Crighton has gone on the lam, with RCMP seeking him out for questioning on the on ice incident. Neudorf just wants to get back to his life and get back to his on ice duties, but no doubt will have to wait until doctors can give him a clean bill of health.

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