Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Burke, Bert and other ruminations

Note all times reflect the western time zone of your faithful transcriber here!

The early part of the 10:30 to 11:30 PT block of TSN’s coverage was turned over to a lively discussion with Brian Burke of Anaheim, who did his best to not say anything on rumours swirling around about a possible reunion for Burke and Bertuzzi. James Duthie tried to do his best Tom Cruise to Burke’s Jack Nicholson, however by the end of the discussion Burke did not blurt out anything that would cost him money for the NHL head office coffee fund.

They took a break at TSN then to interview Aaron Ward who didn’t sound particularly sad at having to leave New York for the Bruins. He expressed an aspect of enjoyment at rejoining former head coach Dave Lewis in Boston and managed not to call Jaromir Jagr any names.

Back to the panel and all talk of Aaron Ward’s trade is forgotten as they zone in on Burke’s potential moves to claim Bertuzzi again. Mike Keenan is especially keen on the prospect of the now well rested Bertuzzi returning west to add to the Ducks arsenal down the stretch.

Ooh breaking news, breaking news. A trade, a trade. Oleg Saprykin will join the Ottawa Senators, apparently having fallen into the doghouse in the desert Gretzky swung a deal with his old pal John Muckler. Saprykin who has been a middling scorer with Phoenix will shore up the lower lines in the capital.

At 11:10 sportsnet has gone to their shadowy figure Eklund again for a breaking story that the Oilers have apparently completed a deal with Ryan Smyth, keeping him in Oiler blue and taking him off the rumour carousel. Eklund also throws out the rumour that Buffalo is looking at Owen Nolan as a possible fit for the playoff drive.

Ah, at 11:10 the eye candy trots out again on Sportsnet as the Deal or No Deal babes return to the stage. They reveal the name of Scotty Gomez as a name to watch.

Nick Kypreos comes up with a trade between Anaheim and Colorado which apparently will see Brad May moving on to the Ducks for goaltender Michael Wall; if Burke can pull off a Bertuzzi trade as well the Ducks could be Canucks south…

TSN throws the cold water on the Canuck reunion dreams with a breaking story that pending medical exams and such Bertuzzi will be joining the Red Wings. He’ll make a presence that the Wings haven’t seen since the days of Bob Probert. The Panthers pick up a conditional draft pick in the deal.

TSN spends a fair amount of time putting caveats on the Bertuzzi deal just in case things fall apart on the Bertuzzi front spending almost as much time covering their butts as they do reporting the trade. They also take a shot at the rumours on the Smyth signing, suggesting that their rivals on the television warfront were a tad premature with their announcement on the Ryan - Oilers deal.

Bob McKenzie makes the Bertuzzi trade official at 11:28PT and also reports that Pascal Dupuis is leaving New York for Atlanta. And the TSN trade centre suggests that Yanic Perreault will be returning to Toronto one more time. It seems to be an occurrence that the Leafs take on every couple of years.

Washington joins the party as Danius Zubrus heads to Buffalo, the sudden flurry of action has the panel excited after a number of hours of twiddling their thumbs and recounting the olden days.

It sets up a highly anticipated final half hour dash for the deadline.

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