Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And at the buzzer….

With the deadline hour ticking away, there were apparently some last minute calls stuck in the pipeline waiting to be announced. While no more moves can be made after the 3 pm ET, Noon hour PT deadline, the anxious announcers of the networks were looking forward to a few more trades to digest over the next hour.

The final thirty minutes of deadline day were pretty anti-climatic, none of the many names tossed out earlier in the day were announced, the Bertuzzi move seemingly the showpiece of the 11 o’clock hour. This left the numerous panels with not much to do but examine which teams had played the deadline day best.

They talked at length at the moves of Pittsburgh to add experience and intensity to the lineup to help the young ones come along in the playoff hunt.

Over at Sporsnet, Bill Waters finally arrived in time for Pizza at the Sportsnet pizza parlor. Everyone is wondering what Brian Burke is going to do having seen San Jose ramp up the roster a bit, late breaking word was the Burke losing out on the Bertuzzi sweepstakes was trying to pick up Marty Gelinas.

TSN suffers some technical gremlins reducing Mike Keenan and Pierre McGuire to shrieking feedback; well we think that’s what it was. A planned interview with 3rd time returning Maple Leaf Yanic Perreault gets delayed as Perreault seeks out an audiologist to repair his now shattered ear drum. Tempting fate, TSN goes to commercial to fix things around the studio, so we surf over to Sportnset and Kypreos and Waters continue to share pizza while the Hansen’s punch out a piñata.

The word is that there are a few more deals to filter through over the next hour or so, including possibly Matthias Nordstrom being traded out of LA.

While they clear the backlog on the phone lines and fax machines the networks head for the commercial breaks…

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