Wednesday, April 02, 2008

As the games dwindle, the panic kindles

Fans in two Canadian cities who had pretty great expectations in September, aren't at all liking what they've been seeing as April rings in the end of the season.

Both Ottawa and Vancouver fans had thoughts of a lengthy run for Lord Stanley's Cup, particularly in the case of Ottawa fans after last seasons run to the Stanley Cup final.

Vancouver fans, who were looking forward to the Roberto Luongo era, have watched their heroes stumble through the final month of the season, only to find themselves now on the outside looking in.

With both teams facing two final key games before Sunday, the prospect of elimination is suddenly a major concern. And even more so it's a shock to their faithful fans, who now have fully embraced panic and anxiety, with only acceptance left on the sliding scale of misery and capitulation.

Even should both squads summon up enough willpower and luck to stake a spot in the playoff schedule, neither can head into the playoffs with anything resembling confidence either with their players or their fans...

Newspapers in both cities weave tales of lost hopes, disappointment and confusion as to how what they felt was going to be so right, has become so wrong.

Ottawa Citizen--Sens in a chokehold
Ottawa Sun-- Senators in sink
Ottawa Sun-- Sens on thin ice
Globe and Mail-- Deja vu?

Vancouver Province-- Canucks hang in the balance
Vancouver Sun-- Canucks snowed under
Vancouver Sun-- Snowed under

Clearly what these teams and their fans need, is some professional help. A reassuring voice, steeped in patience, someone with the cool, calm demeanour to listen to their angst and help soothe the anxiety away...

Hmmm, oh oh, looks like you're on your own there folks, the doctor is decidedly not in... and if your teams don't get their act together by Sunday, neither will they!

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