Monday, April 14, 2008

Bruins bite back

Faced with what could have been the prospect of a quick exit from the 2008 playoff season, the Boston Bruins built upon their efforts on Sunday in Montreal to continue to show the fans in Boston that hockey’s coming back.

While the message hasn’t quite resonated yet in the sports mad city (there seemed to be more than a few empty seats for Sunday’s match and no shortage of visiting Canadiens jerseys in the crowd) the play of the B’s over the last two games should be more than enough to rekindle the hockey scene in the area again.

Boston played their first playoff game at home since 2004 and seemed determined not to let that long sought return go for naught. The close checking game featured much of the physical nature of game two, but a little less of the scoring as the two teams remained tied a 1-1 heading into overtime.

In the extra period, Montreal had the early momentum; peppering Bruins Goal tender Tim Thomas with a number of shots keeping the crowd anxious as the Bruins struggled to regain control of the flow of the game.

What would have been an untimely penalty in the overtime proved to be the undoing of the Habs, as Boston playing with the goal tender out prior to the anticipated call, had Marc Savard sneak in on the right wing and put away the winning goal over a helpless Carey Price, Montreal which were scrambling in their own end at the time never picked Savard up and his rifle shot was quick to the net and the Bruins celebration was underway.

One win a series does not make however, the Bruins haven’t won a playoff round since 1999 and Montreal will be more inclined to take charge on Tuesday to try and regain the momentum heading back for game five in Montreal.

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