Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sharks swimming in dangerous waters

Despite their best effort in the second round, the San Jose Sharks could not overtake the Dallas Stars to grab their first win of the Western semi final.

The Sharks were leading the Stars as the third period clock worked its way to the final minutes of play, but once again, as has been the case for much of the Sharks playoff experiences, they couldn’t hold the lead, couldn’t find the winning goal and couldn’t take the victory and again like many seasons past they now stand on the brink of elimination.

Game three went into Overtime because of a power play opportunity in the early stages of the third period; the Stars still on the power play from a late second period penalty tied the game up thirty five seconds into the third frame.

From that point on the Sharks began to scramble, a pall of panic starting to seep into the defensive play, where for the first two periods the Stars were pushed out of scoring range they began to take control of it during the third and into overtime. The extra time would be short lived as Mattias Norstrom sent Stars fans into orbit with his overtime marker at 4:37.

The game seemed to be the Sharks to keep, they had more than enough chances early on, denied a goal after a quick whistle early on in the game, they none the less battled on, captain Patrick Marleau having the best game he’s had in Teal in recent memory, Evgeni Nabokov bounced back from game two’s misery to provide stellar goaltending including a heart stopping shut down on a Dallas penalty shot.

Yet, the talk in San Jose once again is of a team that regularly teases their fans, but never seems to be able to take the final steps to a Stanley Cup.

The Sharks have to jump back into game mode on Wednesday as game four is set to take place without a break between games.

Dallas eager to wrap up the series will be coming at the Sharks in full speed, looking to put them on their heels quickly and score a few goals early to make that hole just a little bit deeper.

For the Sharks they have but sixty minutes left in this season to try and salvage their expectations, one period at a time, one shift at a time, and most importantly with at least one goal more when the end of the game arrives.

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