Monday, April 28, 2008

Broadway bound Penguins firing with all assets

Whether it’s the dynamic duo of Crosby and Malkin or the hard working sidekicks like Staal and Hossa, offense is coming from all sides so far.
Feeding the puck you have a Sergei Gonchar who can move the puck with the best of them, together they and many more are all weapons that have so far left the Rangers frustrated and more importantly trailing two games to none in the best of seven series.

Game two on Sunday was much of the same, the fast pace of the Penguins moves the puck with regular progressions, once in the Ranger end they cycle the puck to distraction before firing off a snap shot, or make the crease wide pass for the easy tap in. It’s like watching as a practice board comes to life.

The Rangers at times have learned how to control and break up that flow, but it comes in to infrequent spurts, a play on the body occasionally strays to a holding or interference penalty, bringing on perhaps one of the leagues most dangerous power plays to play tic tac toe for two minutes.

Sunday’s game also re-introduced Marc Andre Fleury back into the mix, providing sixty minutes of shut out hockey and playing with a bit more of an edge in his own net, hacking and chopping at the Ranger forwards who were taking liberties with him and his crease.

The Pens are on such a roll at the moment that the stats jump out at you in glaring fashion, 23 goals scored in six games so far, only nine against., 91 per cent success on the penalty kill shut outs in two of their six games.

In the rare occasions when they trail in a game, at no point do they ever seem to be at a risk of losing, instead they seem to launch another wave across the blue line and storm the front eager to launch a barrage.

They move into enemy territory on Tuesday, few arenas in the NHL can involved the fans as much as the Garden, for every boo heard by Jaromir Jagr on Sunday, magnify the sound tenfold from the New Yorkers, who will let you know every time that Sidney Crosby has the puck.

The Penguins will be pressing early to gain a quick goal and to take some of the steam out of the Rangers Gallery Gods, should they succeed then Pittsburgh’s’ roll is set to continue much like clockwork, much like the way they’ve played each of their six playoff games so far this season.

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