Monday, April 21, 2008

Dallas dethrones the Ducks

Stanley will be heading to a new city this year, as the defending Stanley Cup champion Anaheim Ducks bowed out of their defence with a 4-1 loss to the hometown Dallas Stars.

The expulsion of the Ducks, marks the fourth year in a row that a defending Stanley Cup champion has been eliminated and unable to repeat as champion.

The Ducks downfall in the series has been the steady collection of penalties that has troubled this team all season, surrendering power play opportunities that the Stars were more than happy to work with.

Sunday they added an anemic offence to their problems as the Ducks managed only nine shots on goal in the first two periods of play and added but one more in the third. The simple cause and effect of the situation should have been clear for Anaheim perched on the edge of extinction, the more shots you put on net the more chances you have to score. It was a simple credo that they chose to work against and suffered the fate of a team that spent most of its game in its own end.

While the win moves the Stars along into the next round, they too will need to examine their play in the first round, far too often they fell into the Ducks traps, Dallas would slip into sloppy play at times allowing the Ducks to show the desire to keep their title.

If the Stars allow those same negative things to happen in the second round, they’ll quickly be following the former Stanley Cup champions out of the playoffs.
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