Friday, April 18, 2008

Just there to watch the game

Jean Pierre Masse was just there to watch his Canadiens play their arch rivals the Boston Bruins, the Montrealer taking advantage of a quick out of town jaunt to follow the team as they took their best of seven series to Boston for another of the hard fought battles that have occasionally graced the series.

For the most part, hockey fans can travel from city to city, follow their team and engage in some good natured banter, at least that's the way it should be. Nowhere does it say that following your team on the road makes you a candidate for the beating of your lifetime, sadly a fate that Mr. Masse met while leaving the arena area on Tuesday night.

Masse, by simply wearing a Canadiens shirt, proved to be a convenient target for a group of drunken louts of Boston, one of which sucker punched Masse to the ground while another of the group kicked his head repeatedly while he lay stunned on the ground.

The police were shocked by the amount of blood at the scene and the vicious nature of the attack, as horrible an incident as you can imagine if you are one who travels from time to time to follow your team on the road.

It's a sickening account of cowardice and brutality that the Boston Herald provides, one which makes you wonder just what kind of fans that the NHL really want. This sorry bunch of losers, don't reflect the general population of Boston, but they certainly have given the city a few things to think about.

The anti social and criminal nature of some of their citizens and the apparent lack of protection for those that come to visit the place.

Welcome to Boston, be sure to come back soon. For Mr. Masse that's an invitation he's not likely to accept ever again...

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