Monday, February 14, 2011

Bryan Murray plays Cupid for the Fishers

Got it all figured out inside of my head
There's a bag packed up at the foot of my bed
You say the word, baby I'm all set
We'll cover our tracks, tell a couple white lies
Make sure we got a good alibi
And by the time they catch on, we'll be outta their sight
Long gone, baby

From Get Out of This Town -- Carrie Underwood

Much is being made in the Capital of the trade that has sent Mike Fisher off to Nashville, a move that at least will cut down on the accommodations expenses when the Fisher/Underwood tax returns are required in April.

The trade Thursday from Ottawa a pre-Valentines Day present for the recently married couple, which if nothing else will put the two career family on a more amenable path for domestic bliss and providing Nashville with a top shelf star and a positive vibe for a playoff run, combined with some rather helpful support from the home front for the off ice atmosphere.

Some in Ottawa have taken the course of blaming Mrs. Fisher for the trade, giving her a taste of the kind of animosity that a Janet Jones or Yoko Ono once faced. One Ottawa radio station taking advantage of the angst in the city, to ban all Carrie Underwood music from their airwaves, of course the fact that Carrie Underwood's music isn't exactly hit rotation material on the station anyways conveniently left out of the press release.

Such is the kind of folly that can take place when a losing hockey team begins to shed some of its key components, in this case one of the harder working players on a team that this year hasn't had many such participants on the nightly roster.

Rather than blame Mrs. Fisher, perhaps Ottawa fans could look a little more coherently at the situation, the fact that their General Manger never assembled the proper components to a successful team this year, his coach seemingly hasn't resonated with the line up either and the owner has been less than  proactive thus far to try and right his listing ship.

Three places where the outrage could better be directed, rather than at the wife of the departed player, if nothing else by the selection of the trade destination, Murray at least showed a bit of compassion in a business that most times lacks any indication of the emotion.

A gaze could also be directed towards the line up itself, the reason that Mike Fisher could be traded was the fact that he at least shows up night after night, making an effort to try and turn around a woeful season. One of the few assets that the Sens had to work with as they prepare their long skate back into relevance in the NHL.

There's a reason why such skaters as an Alex Kovalev or a Sergei Gonchar for instance haven't garnered much interest in the trade sweepstakes thus far, simply put they have taken far too many nights off this season and offer up far too many questions for potential trading partners.

Both were off season acquisitions that brought high expectations to the Capital and haven't provided anywhere near the impact that fans thought they were destined to see.

Fisher through his work ethic and dressing room presence was an easy player to offer up in trade, others will prove to be much more difficult.

The fact that Kovalev's name has been repeated with more frequency in recent Sens game is attributed to the concept that he's playing harder to try and elicit a bit of interest,  one imagines it's his way of hoping  for playoff ambitions, though those may suffer a setback should GM's have  access to any video from oh lets say January 31st and before.

Still the Fisher move is a curious first decision made by GM Murray as he begins the process of rebuilding this team he so mis-understood.

Trading away a player that had a pretty consistent work effort and provided for at least a bit of scoring on a team that hasn't had much of either this year, not to mention one who was perhaps one of the most popular of players with the franchise.

For most Fisher would have probably been one of the last offerings that you would surrender to the Trade Gods, instead he became the first.

For a Nashville first round draft pick in 2011 and a conditional pick in 2012, they removed one of their key players, suggesting that management is going to blow up the roster rather than tweak it.

Providing a hint that it may be a couple of more long years in Ottawa before they become reacquainted with the upper levels of the Eastern conference.

The process of dismantling continues on through February, leading up to the trade deadline day of the 28th.

Fans in Ottawa can point their fingers at Mrs. Fisher if they wish, but in reality the subject of their concern and/or derision as to why such moves need to be made can be found a lot closer to home.

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