Monday, February 28, 2011

Trade Deadline Day, Hour Three

10 am - 11 am (7 - 8 am PST)

Heading into hour three, contract extensions is the talk of the panels for the most part.

Hockey Night in Canada on Bold review the big three extensions of the weekend, offering up the details of Justin Williams new deal with the Kings, a 4 year extension for 14.6 million dollars.  They once again run the Chris Phillips extension details with the Senators on their ticker and likewise advise us as to the extension of Brent Seabrooke's deal in Chicago, a five year extension at 29 million.

From the Leafs bunker, Sportsnet offers up the words of Brian Burke who offers up little optimism that the Leafs can re sign Clarke MacArthur, seemingly putting him into to play now on deadline day.

At 10:23 am (7:23 am PT) Sportsnet brings in the dapper looking Bob McCown wearing a smashing looking leather bomber jacket. Along with the always controversial and entreating McCown is perhaps one of the more informative of panels for the day, consisting of Stephen Brunt and Damien Cox.

Sportnet is hoping that by adding the Prime Time Sports franchise to their deadline day coverage they add a bit of spark to the proceedings and in true McCown style, he makes much mockery of the twiddling of thumbs for the last two and half hours of so as everyone awaits the first deal of the day.

His panel explores a number of themes of the day, including the landscape of the NHL with some teams suffering financial problems and how that may impact on their decisions today. Perhaps offering Gary Bettman the first opportunity to reach for the Tums, as McCown counts at least 11 franchises that are for sale or looking for financial partners.

At 10:28 am (7:28 am PT) Sportsnet is also the first to reveal the opening trade of deadline day, with the announcement of a deal between Atlanta and Florida. The Thrashers acquire forward Radek Dvorak, in exchange for forwards Niclas Bergfors and Patrick Rismiller.

A few minutes later, TSN interupts Dave Hodge's panel discussion on the current state of the Edmonton Oilers to outline the Thrashers/Panthers deal. It being the first trade of the day, it consumes a lot of the remaining half hour of discussion, perhaps the start of an avalanche of deals or destined to be the main talking point of a rather slow day.

The TSN panel will return to the theme of the Oilers as the hour closes out,  the Reporter's panel asking the question if the Oilers are ready to reward their fans for their patience or whether they will treat them like rubes during another rebuilding program.

Third hour transaction summary-- 1 transaction announced this hour
1 trade made so far this day see our Deadline Day recap for further details 

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