Monday, February 28, 2011

Trade Deadline Day, Hour Six

1 pm - 2 pm ( 10 - 11 am PT)

With two hours to go before the final siren of the day, TSN opens up hour six with an interview with Sharks VP and GM Doug Smith. He doesn't offer up many hints as to his plans, though he suggests that there won't be much movement on the Sharks unless an unusual deal comes his way.  This could take Joe Thornton's name out of circulation, earlier reports on this deadline day had him listed a potential offering from San Jose.

HNIC on Bold is pondering the future of the Coyotes goaltending situation, with Ilya Bryzgalov the main focus of their attention, with impending free agency on his horizon his name is matched with any number of potential suitors for the off season. Brian Burke receives some free advice from the HNIC panel who suggest that the Coyote tender might be a good fit in Toronto.

As we pass the first quarter hour of hour number six, over at TSN, Dave Hodge and the Reporters weigh in on where the Black Hawks are at the moment, having had to shed some players in the off season over cap limitations, the wonder if Chicago will make a deadline day move to try and improve its chances of a Stanley Cup repeat, with particular attention apparently required on the blue line.

Back at HNIC on Bold, Elliot Friedman brings Rostislav Klesla back to earth reminding him of the financial troubles that the Coyotes are having at the moment, not that leaving Columbus we imagine is the same as leaving the cradle of hockey. Still, as the panel points out uncertainty over franchise locations can cause a bit of trouble on the homefront.

McCown, Brunt and Cox are back up front at Sportsnet, with a wide ranging discussion on the health of Sidney Crosby and his concussion concerns and how that has removed the rivalry between him and Ovechkin. Brunt, who has covered that story quite well in the pages of the Globe and Mail recounts the New Years Day game in the rain in Pittsburgh, a match up when Crosby first was injured and how that game may have rendered the potential of a premier Eastern Division showdown between the Caps and Penguins as unlikely.

They also discuss the lack of focus of Alexander Ovechkin this year, who has not had the kind of numbers we have become used to over the last few years.  Part health concerns, part boredom they suggest and perhaps with opposing teams having finally figured out his game all considered contributing factors in his lower numbers this year.

The Oilers make a minor move with Colorado, with Edmonton picking up Kevin Montgomery in exchange for Shawn Belle.

At 1:45 ET (10:45 PT) James Duthie tries to channel James Franco over at TSN, suggesting he's starting to feel like that Oscar nominated actor, trapped in a crevice.

While Duthie is looking for ways to follow in Franco's characters footsteps, Sportsnet has Brian Burke on screen advising that he doesn't see much further movement from the Maple Leaf war room this trading day.

1:48 ET, 10:48 PT Sportsnet outlines that once the i's are dotted and the t's crossed Bryan Allen will no longer be a member of the Panthers, as Florida makes its third trade of the day, this time with the Carolina Hurricanes.  In return it seems that Sergei Samsanov and a draft pick are Panther bound or so the Sportsnet suggestion goes.

Another minor deal gets announced as Anaheim picks up Brad Winchester from the St. Louis Blues for a draft pick.

1:55 ET, 10:55 PT, The Hawks and Senators swing a deal, as Chris Campoli joins the Black Hawk blue line, Ottawa set to receive a draft pick and Hawk minor league prospect Ryan Postulny.

Sixth hour transaction summary--  4 transactions announced this hour
7 trades thus far, see the Deadline day recap for details.

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