Monday, February 28, 2011

Trade Deadline Day, Hour Four

11 am - Noon (8 - 9 am PT)

Radek Dvorak is about to become a very popular fellow as the various networks scramble to talk with the first trade participant of the day, clearly Dvorak is the principle in the deal we don't see anyone rushing to garner a quote from Mr. Bergfors or Mr. Rismiller.

Things in this fourth hour are so slow that over at HNIC on Bold, the gang are working out the comparative financials of the day. Mike Milbury outlining the asking price of the Islanders for lower tiered players on this deadline day and how that impacts on such teams as the Oilers who have high profile players up for grabs, but players that could be offering high cost analysis factors for teams in negotiation with Edmonton.

At 8:45 Dale Tallon comes to the rescue of the anxious deadline crews, the Florida Panthers making the second trade of the day and their second one of the day as well, with Florida sending defenceman Dennis Wideman to the Washington Capitals, who send off a prospect in Jake Hauswirth and also provide a third round draft pick in the 2011 draft.

The McCown Prime Time Sports panel picks over the ashes of the Ottawa Senators season, examining what Bryan Murray has left to work with on deadline day, wondering aloud if they would move a Jason Spezza or Daniel Alfredsson type of player. Having already moved a number of their character players in Mike Fisher and Chris Kelly, the panel wonders where Murray is in his blueprint of rebuilding.

More action on the re-signing front with Detroit announcing that they have come to terms with goaltender Jimmy Howard, consisting of a two year deal at 4.5 million.

Fourth hour transaction summary-- 1 transaction announced this hour
2 trades made thus far  see our Deadline Day recap for further details

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